Shiasm in South Africa

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Please explain why Shiasm is having free growth in our country (South Africa). First was the establishment of their Temples (“Shia Mosques”). Then came the solidifying of their numerous organizations. And now we see prominent persons being affected by them, or joining them. Since the ‘Ulama give the Fadha’il of Unity without its limits and extremes (which they, the ‘Ulama, are oft guilty of shamelessly breaking themselves) us masses are under the impression that the cordial respect and cordial tolerance of the Shia should be like how a Hanafi respects a Shaafi, Maaliki, etc. Ninowi’s Madina-Institute in Cape Town is whipping up many people of all ages into their agenda. If we examine the programmes being held by the Institute in the Masaajid and other venues, then there is a focus on the virtues and greatness of the Khulufa-e-Rashideen. This is the first step of their long-term, Taqqiya agenda for this country.

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Asked on August 10, 2017 12:19 pm
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Spread is due to lack of valid, authentic, proper education on beliefs.
This education must be from Madressah level. Our Jumuah and Eid and Ramadhaan platforms are not utilized as per the need of the hour.
We do not forbid what is wrong and a wrong concept of agree to disagree has crept into us.
If Ulema expose Baatil then they are banned from platforms under the pretext – ‘causing disunity’. (i.e. for some, particularly their “sponsors”)
Those who take a firm stand are called ‘extremists’.
The Situation is going to get worse now especially when Ulema are presenting a new modern version of Islaam.

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Answered on August 17, 2017 9:34 pm