Shias and the 12 imaams

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In a hanafi book a Shia pointed out to me a Hadith to prove his belief to me, it says in the Hadith a list of the names of the 12 imams which the prophet said will come. Which include: Ali, Al Hasan, Al Husain, Ali son of Hussain, Muhammad son of Ali known as Al Baqer, Jafar son of Muhammad, Musa son of Jafar, Ali son of Musa, Muhammad son of Ali, Ali son of Muhammad, and then al Hasan son of Ali, and then the riser. So how do we explain that Hadith that was in a hanafi book? The book is Yanaabe Al Mawada Al Gandowri Al Hanafi chapter 94. Because the Shia is using this Hadith to prove his belief. Is this Hadith authentic? Or do you lot have an explanation for this? Sorry if this is not clear.

Also Shias are calling me Kafir, and now that is starting to scare me, because I am apparently rejecting the evidences from our own sources, so should I just ignore what they say? Because it is starting to scare me. Even though I know their not Muslims the part that scared was I am rejecting my own evidences from our own sources.

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Asked on August 13, 2017 2:16 am
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No problem if they are calling a ‘Kafir’.
That does not make you a ‘Kafir’.
You should be firm on your stance and avoid them totally.
This 12 Imaam ideology is a Shia basic Ideological belief called Imaamology.
We, Muslims do not believe in this concept.
Anyone claiming to be a ‘Hanafi’ does not make him a true, proper Hanafi.

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Answered on August 28, 2017 9:12 pm