Dream of Salaah Being Disturbed by People Dressed in Black And Brown Cats

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Asalaam Alaikum Sheikh,

Can you help me understand a dream I had and its been on my mind.

I was praying my salaah and two ladies made it difficult for me to pray, they were in black abayas or dressed in all black, I did not see their faces I just remember black figures or women in a black abaya. I wasn’t looking at them because I was praying my salaah. They kept squishing me during my prayer. And making it uncomfortable to pray. I decided to just step back a row and pray behind them instead of between them. The row behind was empty and no one else was at the masjid or prayer area just us three. After that I was in another home which wasn’t my home. I was in Pakistan which is where my family is from but we live in the US currently. I was praying my salaah again which was a 4 rakah salaah, and I had read 3 of the rakah and I stood up to read the 4th, then 2 cats came and one of them came close to me. I felt scared and I left my prayer in a hurry. I didn’t finish reading I was that terrified of the cats. The cats were a brownish color with black spots all over their body. Kind of like a leopard. (I googled the features and its called a civet cat) I’ve never seen that type of cat before, in real life. But that is exactly what I saw.
After I left my prayer, I went to the lady of the house and told her about the cats, which I had locked in the room so they won’t come after me. She said, they are not our cats, someone left them here so we are just caring for them. I looked at her and said, these are not good cats, you shouldn’t keep them here.

Can you please help me understand this dream?

Thank you Sheikh

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Asked on April 13, 2016 3:52 pm
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Beware of harm or being deceived by a person who externally looks pious, talk with a sweet tongue but in reality is conniving as a fox.

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Answered on April 26, 2016 8:23 pm