Dreaming of marhoom father in hospital

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My father passed away almost 2 years ago.
I see in my dream that I along with my brothers and sisters came rushing to see my father who is in a hospital like place . I don’t see my father yet .a lady comes and tells me next is my dad and some paper work is being done.after that we go to see my dad who is lying down on the bed lifeless.
I touch my fathers toes . As soon as I do that he opens his eyes and looks in my direction to identify but couldn’t do. So I am telling him “daddy look who has come . Look around and see who has come”. My elder brother and my sister both repeat the same thing .but he doesn’t get up . We feel sad that he is not going to get up and it’s time for him to leave..

Then I see my mom talking on phone to someone . After she is done talking ,she says ” Abdul qayyum (a relative of ours who is living)passed away .
I woke up in shock.

Can mufti sahab please interpret this dream.
Jazakallahu khair

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Asked on March 6, 2017 2:42 pm
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Make Isale Sawaab for him a lot.

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Answered on March 9, 2017 9:51 pm