Dream of a vicious black dog

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Assalam alaikum Mufti sahib,
My auntie has seen a dream in which she has unable to forget till this day and she saw it around 4 to 5 years ago now.

She said in the dream
it was a very dark night and she was on the roof of a house or something but she said it was a roof and there was a dog that was there and it grabbed her hand in its mouth and she was trying to pull it out but it wasn’t letting it go.
Than her husband appeared and was grabbing the dog with both his hands around dogs throat so it would let it go and she was still pulling her hand out and she finally managed to pull it out but she heard a loud crack in her ears and that the dog had broken her last finger on her hand (last finger opposite the thumb, aka pinky finger). When she heard it crack and break she said “oh it has broken my finger”

Than she saw the black dog lying down and its face also laid down on its side and that there was a bullet wound in its stomach like someone had shot it. It was there and due to being shot by someone, (auntie said she did not hear no gunshot in the dream, but she saw the wound, the hole on its belly and it was laid down on floor. Its eyes were still open and were not moving though and its eyes were also black too. She said she doesn’t know if it died or not but its eyes were open but not moving. Than she woke up.

(Please do not add this part which is in brackets but this is only for your personal information. my auntie’s son has since that time gone through many trials from being tortured, losing memory and also imprisoned for a few years. Now she is always worried about him and just tells him to stay home and when asked why don;t you let him go out than she narrated this dream. I think it would put her to rest as she is constantly worried saying its a bad dream. Maybe if it is and it meant something, maybe that has already happened as can be seen what happened to her son, but she keeps saying that there is something more maybe and this is why i present this question to you that maybe Insh’Allaah you can shed some light upon this dream so we may know once and for all if there is anything else to worry about or not. We are eagerly awaiting your answer mufti sahib. Assalamu Alaikum.)

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Asked on December 3, 2017 4:30 pm
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You will be harmed by an enemy but will survive comfortably.

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Answered on January 19, 2018 9:47 pm