SANHA and rainbow chicken

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Dear Mufti
Re: Commercially Slaughtered Poultry
Question A
Re Facing Qibla when slaughtering
Should all chicken that are slaughtered be facing the Qibla when slaughtered?
If yes (to A1 above), why and on what basis must the chicken be slaughtered whilst facing the Qibla?
In plants where hundreds of thousands of chicken are slaughtered every day. What would be your view if on a continuous basis, year after year, the issue of having the poultry face the Qibla when slaughtered is ignored?
I ask the above question (A2) in light of the fact that when I posed the question of poultry facing the Qibla to SANHA their response was that they do not know if the plants slaughter areas (that they certify Halaal) are in fact Qibla facing or not! SANHA further claimed that in terms of Sharia the failure of slaughtering whilst the bird faces Qibla does not render the bird Haraam.
The crux of my question though is what is your view if the issue of the poultry facing the Qibla whilst being slaughtered is not given any importance or impetus at all time after time after time for years on end?

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Asked on November 10, 2010 12:00 am
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1) Facing Qibla is not a pre-condition. It is recommended.
2) See Answer 1
3) This will be then Makrooh - highly detested act.Supervising Sanha's 'supposed' to be 'supervising'/'inspecting' the plants but do not the check Qibla direction.
Sandly Sanha does not even bother about Tasmiyyah which is necessary - do you honestly think they are going to be concerned by Qibla facing.

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Answered on November 10, 2010 12:00 am