Statements that could lead to kufr and renewal of nikaah

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My wife was very upset about something one day and said the following things.

1. I don’t feel like praying.

2. Because of your (my) recent obsession about religion, I am beginning to feel put off by it.

3. She asked angrily why do others have lots of money. I said because Allah gave them. She said why is He stingy when it comes to us?

She repented afterwards.

Did these statements make her leave islam?

4. When a person leaves islam, the nikah gets invalidated. If the person repents and says shahada, is there a time limit within which the nikah has to be reperformed?

5.In such a scenario is there any possibility for permanent dissolution of marriage like in case of divorce?

6.In case of renewal of nikah, is a new consent of the wali of the wife required?

7.Is a new mahar required?

8. Can one renew one’s nikah occasionally to be safe or only when one is sure that it has been invalidated?

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Asked on December 20, 2015 8:09 pm
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3) No.
4) Yes.
5) No.
6) Yes.
7) Yes.
8) Not necessary.

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Answered on December 26, 2015 3:07 pm