Reliable scholars or not

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mufti saab i would like to know if
these schloars reliable so i can listen to their lectures
if mufti saab can can clerify this than it would be much appriciated
1)nouman ali khan (usa)
2) dr zaakir naik (india)
3) molana ebrahim bham(rsa)
4)mufti menk(zim)
5)molana suliman moola(Rsa)
6)dr israr ahmed( india)
7)sheikh mumtaz ul haq (uk)
8)molana hassen ali (uk)
9)molana tariq jameel(india)

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Asked on July 15, 2016 7:01 pm
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1.) Avoid.
2.) Avoid – when he discusses outside ‘comparative religion.’
3.) Avoid – when he wants to modernise Deen.
4.) Avoid.
5.) Avoid – when he wants to modernise Deen.
6.) Avoid – when he wants to modernise Deen.
7.) Good.
8.) I do not know
9.) Good for entertainment.

Any lecturer who is not practising will have no effect on the listeners.

There are some lecturers in South Africa who behave in one particular manner and when they go to UK/ USA/ Canada they indulge in all those things that they condemn in their countries. These double standards have no ‘Barakaat’.

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Answered on July 19, 2016 4:27 pm