Reading salaah with short sleeves and no hat

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I’m a Hanafee male. Is it allowed for men to read salaah with a short sleeve t-shirt or maybe a vest if one is at home alone?
I was told that it is makrooh and not allowed. I have been reading salaah all my life with a vest or t-shirt if I’m alone at home. What is the ruling on this? Can one go to musjid with a t-shirt for salaah? I was taught in madrasah that a man should be covered from the navel to the knee !
What is the ruling on using a hat/fez when making salaah? Is it makrooh if one does not use a hat/fez when making salaah?
When we are in Makkah then how is it allowed to perform salaah with no fez and just Ihraam?

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Asked on January 10, 2014 6:35 pm
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1) Dress nicely, neatly and properly when performing Salaat.

2) Performing Salaat in short sleeves in areas where it is customary to do so is not Makrooh, otherwise it is Makrooh.

3) Nabi (S.A.W) never ever performed Salaat without a Topee when there was clothing available. There is not one Hadeeth, even 'Daeef', that denotes this

4) Not wearing a Topee whilst in the state of Ihraam is the speciality and sign of Ihraam itself.

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Answered on January 10, 2014 6:35 pm