reading salaah dua in another language besides arabic

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As salamu alaykum,
A fatwa from ASKIMAM stated:
”If a person is incapable of making dua in Arabic during his salah, then he may make dua in any other language. However, if he is able to make dua in Arabic, then there exists a difference of opinion in the permissibility of doing so in a different language while in salah.
According to Imam Abu´┐Żyusuf and Imam Muhammad, it is impermissible and the prayer will not be valid. On the other hand, according to Imam Abu Haneefah, the prayer will be valid, but it is makrooh (disliked) to do so.
Therefore, if one is able to make dua in Arabic, then he should refrain from making dua in any other language in his salaah. However, if he did make dua in his salaah in another language besides Arabic, the prayer will still be valid.”
Do i correctly understand that if someone is uncapable of making Arabic supplications then it is NOT makruh, and permissible for him to do it in his own language ?
They also sended me the arabic quotes below, can you please translate them for me ?

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Asked on November 16, 2012 11:58 am
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You have understood correctly .The Arabic text further explain that this ruling does not apply to the Quraan recitation.It can apply to the duaa,the tasbeehat of ruku,sujuud,qunoot,atiyaat,taheel.
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Answered on November 16, 2012 11:58 am