Will women get pure husbands in the Aakhirah

slms The Aakhirah – The bounties of the people of Jannah
Allaah says in the Qur’aan, “The people of the right, how excellent are the people of the right! They will be (enjoying themselves) in (gardens of) thornless lotus trees and (trees resembling) banana trees (which will be) laden (with fruit). (They will be enjoying all these bounties) In extensive shade (the environment will be without harsh sunshine. Although they will have ample light, they will feel comfortable like a person who is shaded). And (enjoying the refreshing) flowing water and an abundance of fruit (of all types) that will not come to an end (because another fruit will immediately grow in the place of a plucked one) and will not be restricted (they will have as much as they please). And (they will be reclining on) elevated thrones. Indeed We have created these damsels (whom the “people of the right” shall marry) very specially (without any impurities in their bodies or their behaviour). We have made them all virgins most beloved (every facet of their appearance and behaviour will be pleasing to their husbands) and of equal age for the people of the right”.
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will woman also get pure husbands in the Aakhirah

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