questions with regards to whudu and taharaat

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assalamu alaikum
I have to share my problem with you.
1. when i do wadhu. i feel my wadhu is not ok. because may be some place dry specially those act what are fard.
2. i have doubt that do i sajda two times or one and do i put my head rightly on salat carpet or some place are open during prayer. at that time i break my salat and pray again and take long time. specially in sajda, i try to remember if i do two times or one times. i can remember i do sajda one times but how i directly come from to sajda, i cannot remember or or that memory completrly vanish from my mind. but i thinki always give two sajda not one in one rakayat. i need almost one hour for zuhr prayer. that is not good because i have any other work. now i decide that i will think my prayer ok and valid if it has one sajda or not putting head poperly or is some place show during prayer.then seek forgiveness to allah. allah will forgive me hopefully because allah knows my feelings and how hard time i am passing. is that decision ok. i mean can i get rid from those problem
3. i changed cloth before salat. i need five dress because every dress get wet some water that come basin or my wadhu water. i used small towel for dry hand and other thing. and dress that i used at home. but i have waswasa so much that if i think i go to toilet and do not clean well though i clean myself well and wash hand properly and it is my habit. if i have doubt then i changed hat cloth. my 4 years baby go to day care and make dirty her cloth. if he touch my prayer cloth or hijab or prayer carpet, then i washed all. it make hardship for me as i am pregnat. how can i get rid of it.
4. i live in sweden. it is a rent apartment. two washing machine here and 18 family use it, all of them are non muslim. so they used washing machine powder that contain animal ingredient. but mine have no animal ingredients. if i use this washing machine, then some haram detergent left in the machine that will contaminate with my cloth. i cannot pray with that cloth because of haram substance though machine changed water two or three times. i dont know exactly. everday it quite hard to wash 10 or more clothes. if i can use washing machine, then it would be relief. but what do you think, can i use it and can pray with the cloth. my hand already dry and wound. some place paining because of washing every day. please give me some advice.
5. when a person get ready after wadhu if he or she touch his or her private parts unintensionally, it breaks wadhu.
6. i have nose bleeding problem during night and morning but this blood never comes out. if i put tissue paper inside the nose, then i got some blood. so can i do wadhu when the blood is on there.

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Asked on November 16, 2012 11:52 am
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1) Do not be doubtful. Be sure. Be positive otherwise Shaitaan/Satan will take advantage of the situation.
2) Peg it at 10 min maximum for Salaat of Zohr. Time yourself. Stick to that. One hour means Shaitaan/Satan has created doubt in you. Ask your husband to monitor you.
3) Again use only one dress per day. Do not look towards second dress.
4) Ask owners to leave free one machine for your use and others who are like you.
5) No
6) The blood has to come out of the nose for the Wudhu to break. Clean, wash, remove all blood wet and dry then dry lightly and perform Salaat.
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Answered on November 16, 2012 11:52 am