Questions various

1)are number predictions haraam?

2)is astrology haraam?

3)if so how come muslim inventors invented and put forward works within these areas?

4)also how important are the moon cycles?

5)When the prophet saw had his first experience with Angel Jibrael didn’t khadijah take him to a monk who predicted and confirmed the prophet saw nubuwa

6) so if we need help can we ask someone of knowledge muslim or non muslim?

7) why do some people loose their mental balance when they pray so much, with or without a marched/guide?
8)and do u have to have a murshid?
9)If you have a dream against murshid is it true or false?

1 thought on “Questions various”

  1. 1) Calculations using numbers are permissible.
    2) It is speculative information.
    3) Kindly give examples.
    4) Determines the Islamic months.
    5) He did not predict, he confirmed a prediction.
    6) Depends what type of knowledge.
    7) When they do not follow the instructions properly.
    8) Yes.
    9) Have it interpreted by a pious knowledgable Alim.