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(1) Is the following A’mal permissible?

“Beneficial for seeking a job, expansion of rizq and some unseen barakah.

Recite: “Waftah-lana, fa innaka khayrul faatiheen” 123 times after Fajr salah, for four days.

This dua should be read in this sequence – on the 1st day facing the east; on the 2nd day facing the west; on the 3rd day facing the north; and on the 4th day, facing the southerly direction.

Also, on the 4th day, have a bowel of dry fruit or dates when reciting, and send all the 4 days recitation thawaab to Sayyiduna Khidr (alayhis salaam). Soon, Allah will provide sources of enhancement of rizq, or one will be foretold in a dream about the methods of getting rizq.”

(2) Are the words “Waftah-lana, fa innaka khayrul faatiheen” from the Qur’an Shareef or from the Ahadith?

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Asked on July 1, 2016 11:30 pm
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1.) This method is from those who have tried it. It is not Fardh, Waajib, Sunnat or Nafl.
2.) Neither.

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Answered on July 10, 2016 12:38 am