Lowh Mahfooth and Mushaf

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Some of the preachers in the West claim that the Quran is exclusively in the Lowh Mahfooth (Preserved Tablet), and that what we have in front of us is not called a Quran, but rather a mushaf. This is because they have assumed that the word Quran does not refer to pages or things written down. As a result, people of this opinion say that you cannot hold the Quran in your hand and that the written Quran resembles paper money that people exchange. Are these statements correct? This is a quotation from one such famous preacher:

“Remember the Quran is not the Quran unless it’s being recited anyway. What you hold in your hand is not a Quran, it’s called scripture, in Arabic: mus-haf. That’s very clear – what you hold in your hand IS NOT the Quran, it represents Quran.

Let me explain it like this: If you have a dollar bill from the United States in your hand, that is the representation of wealth – gold or silver – that is stored somewhere else. True or false? The bill itself isn’t worth that, it’s not made out of silver or gold. A dollar bill or a hundred dollar bill cost the same to print. This is no difference. This is ink and paper. What makes it have a difference is what it’s worth when you turn it in. True or false? It represents wealth. So the same way, the mus-haf represents what’s being recited.

Still, we respect it. Still, we honor it. But we have to understand the Quran itself was only recited by Muhammad, peace be upon him, never written by him. It was written by his followers, and then later on after he was gone, some of them decided, you know, let’s compare what we have, and make sure that we didn’t make errors in our writing. And that’s why they brought those who memorized to sit there and recite, to verify what had been written down, and then destroy everything, starting fresh, just to be sure, from this point forward, we only have what is being recited.”

Please assist.

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Asked on June 30, 2016 2:47 pm
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It was written during the time of Rasulullaah (S.AW).
He, himself referred to it as the Quraan.
The Quraan calls the Quraan – see 5th Para – ‘Do you not ponder over the Quraan.’
This concept of ‘Mushaf’ will lead from one error to another. It will be said, you will have to have wudhu to touch the Quraan not the Mushaf, then which Quraan you believe in the ‘Mushaf’ to the ‘Quraan’.
Such untold difficulties and confusion will arise that will lead to doubt, then to denial.
Thus this must be shunned at all costs.

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Answered on July 2, 2016 10:39 pm