Acts of bidah and shirk

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A few years before my marriage with her, my wife went to someone who gave her same quranic ayaat to recite and an amulet/taweez for getting good grades in exams. She didnot know what was written in the taweez. The taweez was supposed to be buried in the doorway of the house. She was stopped before she could bury it by her guardians.

After marriage, when I heard this initially, I did not think much of it however it is bothering me now therefore I asked her if she did tauba as to me it appeared shirk. She replied that she did not specifically make tauba for this act however she regularly recited 5th kalma that includes asking for tauba for all sins known, unknown, open or hidden. It is also likely that she recited the shada as part of salah and perhaps otherwise.
She now regrets her actions described above.

1. Does the above mentioned act constitute shirk?
2. If yes, did saying 5th kalma count as tauba for this act if she knew the meaning of the kalma and intended forgiveness?
3. If not, without explicit tauba and regret for this act, was our nikah, that took place some years after this act, valid?
4. If not, what is the status of our kids and was our relationship zina?
5. If yes, what can be done to rectify this?

In another instance, this one after marriage, she again visited someone who told her there were jinn in our house. In order to get rid of them she was supposed to say one of Allah’s names (Al-Waduud) on some red chillis and burn them. Also he gave insense to burn for the same purpose. We were also told to say azan in four corners of house at maghrib.

6. The above acts didnot appear as shirk because they involved Allah’s name. Was it shirk or bidah? Is renewal of nikah required?

7. If either of the two incidents mentioned above require renewal of nikah, can I be her proxy/wakil and do nikah on both our behalf in front of witnesses without her being there? Or her presence is required?

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Asked on December 11, 2015 7:44 pm
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1) No.
2) N/A.
3) Valid.
4) Legitimate children, no Zina.
5) N/A.
6) Not shirk. No renewal of Nikah required.
7) N/A.

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Answered on December 24, 2015 11:31 am