THEREFOR I MADE ISIKARAH IN ORDER TO SEE WHETER I MUST CARRY ON BY my madressa THESE ARE THE DREAMS please intrepret – and give advice – but please please intrepret EACH DREAM IN ALLAHS NAME I ASK MUFTI !!!!!!!!!!!DREAM IS AS FOLLOWS!!!!!!!
1.I was in a dark place with my hadith kitaab/s running and looking for the molvi who takes me. i was kind of lost!!!!!!!
2. dream 2 . i was in a building and the ustaad i was waiting for him TO COME TEACH ME. the building was huge and scary and deserted/////i entered a DESERTED EMPTY CEMENTED room WHICH was dark – AND SAT ON THE FLOOR and the molvi TOOK SO LONG TO COME THEN HE came in and said a few things and left. the i lefyt the room and someone told me I HAD THE NERVE TO GO IN THE ROOM BECAUSE A SHE DEVIL lives there,i was terrified so i went back in the room and i saw someone a devil i think female was chasing me and i think she screamed and she chased me around the room and i saw a black sofa was there .
3. I HAD A DREAM BEFORE DREAM 2 THAT I WAS IN THE MUSJID WAITING FOR MY USTAAD,HE WAS NOT COMING . I WHENT TO THE ENTRANCE OF THE MUSJID WITH MY KITABS AND BOOKS AND TO SEE IF HE WAS COMING . SO I SAT AT THE ENTRANCE ON THE CARPET. I SAW HIM IT WAS RAINING AND CLOUDY BUT HE WAS GOING ROUND HIS CAR SEEMING CONFUSED !!!! so i quickly went at the back of the msujid where we i went in the musjid was Dark . So he came in and i saw the imaam of our musjid teaching his students hifz his class was big. he does not teach there which was suprising!!!! then i saw my books but i was confused because we were not doing work again which was annoying!!!! so i sat there wAiting for him tostart but i took out my books and i was seemingly confused like i had to get out of here!!!

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