Agreeing to someone’s statement regarding a muslim woman

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1) A Muslim mother and daughter were outside a takeaway. If the Muslim mother sees a lady with a Burka(veil) in the fast food takeaway shop(mixed with men and women) and the lady was sitting at a table. And the Muslim mother in Urdu verbally says ” look at that woman with a Burkah, whats the point of that”. (Dont know what the Muslim mother meant by this verbal statement)

The Muslim mother’s daughter didn’t know what the Muslim mother meant by the above verbal saying so she just just agrees by verbally saying “mmmm yes”. Does the Muslim daughter lose her Imaan/Faith by verbally saying or agreeing the above with her mother as explained above?


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Asked on August 9, 2017 12:52 am
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No Imaam is lost.
However a Muslim must learn to control one’s tongue.

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Answered on August 17, 2017 6:37 pm