Permissibility of writing names and Duaas on the stones of the Kabah

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“Innal Ladhee Farada Alaikal Qurana La Raaduka Ila Ma’ad Qul Rabbi A’lamu—– (until) —– Dhalalin Mubeen”.
Someone told me in Haj that some great Buzurg of Mecca had told him, if you write with your finger the above Dua on the stones of Kaaba when there is not too much rush or crowd, and also the names of other friends and family members, then Allah will make way and the means for them to come for Haj the next year
Well, I did it, and also heard a voice behind me saying, “Brother, don’t do it, it is not Thabit with any Daleel,” Thinking he must be some Salafi I simply ignored him and continued writing. But I felt very silly and ridiculous doing so while others were not doing so, and may be really looking at me contemptuously. I felt very guilty that Allah must be angry by my stupid behaviour in the Haram, a place where Huzoor Sall- Allahu Alayhe wa Sallam moved about, and strived so hard for Da’wah of the Deen al Haqq, and the great Sahaba, and the ancestor Ibrahim Alayhs Salaam, who built it, and all that had happened there in the past. I felt an idiot like me has no business being here, touching the Kaaba with my sinful hands. If it is all wrong, then what can I do to redeem my sin?
I have already prayed lots of Istighfar and continue doing so.

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Asked on August 4, 2010 12:00 am
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This is not authentically proven. Avoid

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Answered on August 4, 2010 12:00 am