Permissibility of women giving bayaans

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Assalaam U Alakaikum
Dear Mufti Saheb
We really appreciate your hard efforts and striving towards deen, may allah accept.
Here in in our small town in kwa zulu natal a new concept has started WOMEN are giving bayaan to other women.
What actually happens is that an alima or a student of a great alim from a Durban comes to town and gives a bayaan/lecture to the women of our community in the downstairs of the musjid(which is the madressa classroom).
The topics of the bayaan/lecture is to try to motivate the women of our community towards doing good. This women/alima is accompanied by her husband who waits at someone residence or on the musjid.

This has started recently and has only happened twice so far. It is said this is happening in Durban on a full scale and the Ulema would have already stopped it if it is incorrect. Please give us a fatwa weather it is permissible or not.
I have not given my name & correct e mail address, but please answer.
Jazakalah for your response.

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Asked on September 5, 2010 12:00 am
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I have my reservations regarding ladies going to other town to conduct such programmes.
Locally their is room for permissiblity.
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Answered on September 5, 2010 12:00 am