Permissibility of using airport human scanner machines

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Dear respected Mufti,
kindly assist on to answer and/or advice to these questions:
1. Airport human scanner machines; the most patronized of the 2 major airports in Nigeria is now installed with this machine. Are we still allowed to travel through this route? Any alternative (Ruqsah) for religious travellings like hajj, umrah , tabligh and family visits?
2. traveling nowadays is only with international passports. Hijab ladies in our country could only process this int. passport with female immigration officers after paying a higher contractual fees. All these to avoid contravening the sharia on hijab. what is the shariah regarding the possibilities of other male immigration officer seeing their photographs on their systems and networks and in the official files used in passport procurement offices. Are muslim ladies still allowed to procure this passport? can they still travel for Hajj umarah and tabligh via this system? pls advice and guide from shariah point of view.
3. Some worried and concerned people are relunctant nowadays to take thir ladies for hajj. Despite the presence of mahram, the mixed-ups, pushings and interminglings occurs. Are we allowed to deny the females performing hajj under this situation. Can ladies themselves avoid performing hajj on this excuse. kindly advice on how to perform Hajj while avoiding this situation.
4. African human head hair are not straight but curly. Their hair are softer, clumsy and unlike Arab and Indo-paks hair that are straight, long hard strands and less clumsy. African head plait are very common among the ladies. With the incursion of western civilization many non-muslim ladies use hair creams, soaps relaxers , shampoos, etc. to make their hairs straight, long and relax. Though natural forms are changed but hairs look more beautiful, relaxes the scalps and become longer. plaits are no more possible but only braiding. Are muslim ladies allowedto use such hair care and hair-do? Are there permissilble reasons for such?
kindly guide on shariah provisions about these questions

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Asked on July 26, 2011 10:48 pm
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1) Avoid travelling.
2) Pay higher contractual fees with interest. Let females see females.
3) This must not be a deterrent. Conform to Shariaat as far as possible as much as humanly possible.
As long as the ingredients of these hair care and hair do products are permissible it will be permissible to use.

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Answered on July 26, 2011 10:48 pm