Permissibility of using a mouth wash which has alcohol

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1) Is is permisable to use a mouth wash such as colgate plax which contains a form of alchohol in it? You gargle and spit it out afterwards.
2) These Murshids/ Hazarats come around for donations but they demand like R5000 or so and tell you that next year you must give double the amount while you are still in debts such as a bond, is this correct of them? do you have to give? they get angry if you refuse or give too little.
3) A Murshid/ Hazrat said that something was not right as in peoples evil eye was on us, thus he made us recite something and look into a paper, then you would see an image of a monkey or a mountain. He then said that it meant bad things such as accidents and death. is this permisable and Islamic? or is it magic and jinn work? He also put a clean piece of white paper on a hot stove and after there was some writings on it. In order to avoid these things we had to sacrifice 6 sheep.
4) Is Rasoolallah (SAW) omnipresent?
5) Is Rasooallah (SAW) perfect? someone said that only Allah is perfect
6) Is salami and moulood permissable?
7) Is Sufism separate from Islam?
8) If you performed ghusal or took wudu and afterwards noticed some faded paint (very little) underneathe your foot or on a few strands of hair on your head would your ghusal/ wudu be valid?
9) Does flashing lights in a mosque chase the angels away?
10) what can one do to calm someone’s cronic bad temper? (recite something to blow over them or something like that)

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Asked on March 4, 2011 2:20 pm
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1) No
2) Let them get angry. First pay you debts
3) What colour. Lucky he did not take away all your assets. Be wary of such people. Stay far away from these con artists.
4) No
5) He is the most perfect best creation of Allaah.
6) Salaami in Salaat is permissible not as done by the current Bidatis. Mouloud only stated 500 years after passing away of Nabi (S.A.W) in a place called Arbel. Not permissible as done these days
7) No, if done as per Shariat.
8) Repeat.
9) No, but why have such lights.
10) Read Durood Sharief a lot.

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Answered on March 4, 2011 2:20 pm