Permissibility of having anal sex

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Assalaam mu Alaikum
Respected Mufti
I would like to ask you a very personal question which I haven’t discussed with any one before, please make me maaf for the nature of the question but could you advise me on what to do.
My husband has asked me many times to allow him to have anal sex with me, however, I have told him that i will not allow him to do so as it is not permissable according to the shariah. Lately he has been very persistent and while we are having intercouse he forcefully handles me just to get me in the position for anal sex and tells me that I should just satisfy him once. Due to me disagreeing to his fancies we often end up fighting, almost every night and he tells me that I am boring in bed, Im just a baby and all sorts of other things.
Mufti I know the punishment for performing such acts and because of my fear for Allah I am making sabr and trying my best.
This problem has caused my husband to further accuse me of having a sexual relationship with someone else
Please advise me on what to do, is there anything that I can read or maybe something that I can say to him to make him understand how angry such acts will make Allah s.w.t.
May Allah reward you for your efforts

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Asked on August 4, 2010 12:00 am
Private answer
Ask him to read the story of Hadhrat Lut (A.S).
Read La hawla wa la Quwata..... in abundance.
Make him regular in Salaat performance and Quraan Tilawaat.
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Answered on August 4, 2010 12:00 am