Permissibility of giving interest money for charity

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Asalamualykum sir
1)I have two bank account, and one lic policy I can not surrender my lic policy on the pressure of my family, some month ago I paid some installment amount from my bank account, and other which I received from lic cheque, I want to know the money which I paid I want to returned back but in my bank account I have half of the amount of interest equivalent to interest which I have paid as a installment , should I take this money and closed my account, or when I received cheque from lic I give interest amount to charity, it is permissible. not
It is also possible that I run my account upto some months when I have equivalent money of interest that I received it and closed my account, after when I received my lic cheque I paid the interest money to charity.
2)I am tutor I teaches a student economics and English, his parents told me about the charge I said to them give me the amount which is going in the market, but they give me for both the subject very less amount, they asked me about this I told them ok, I couldnt say any think.. Now his son learning this time only one subject, they paying me the amount which they are giving me some month earlier for two subject in fact the amount still less to market price. My income is haram or halal?
3)I teaches student and received monthly payment is some day I do not take class but received full month money is my income is haram or hall.

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Asked on November 15, 2010 12:00 am
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1) Due to forced situation you earn interest. Paay premium and close. lic
2) Halaal
3) Halaal.

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Answered on November 15, 2010 12:00 am