Permissibility of combining Qadha and Shawwaal fasts?

Assalamu Alaykum Mufti,
With regards to question 6795 you replied saying that i could not keep Shawwal and Qadha fast together but you also told me that the 6 fasts are valid and i must repeat so i understood i must repeat the Qadha fasts? .. but having checked on your website previous question number 1990 someone asked the same question and you replied that you cannot combine Qadha and Shawwal however you told him that the Qadha niyat or fasts would be accepted ? please clarify the answers of the 2 questions and if Qadha is accepted or given preference then would i still need to repeat anything ? for example the Nafl Roza’s of Shawwal ? At the time i was unaware i couldnt combine and i kept the 6 Shawwal but also with the intention (hope)that if i had any Qadha it would go off by fasting the Nafl Roza .. so i thought Qadha would apply first ? Because im quite sure while i kept for the Shawwal benefits , it was also because i wasnt sure if i had Qadha’s to make so i kept Roza thinking this would cover it ? to be honest im still not sure if i had any Qadha’s to keep but i just made the intention for Qadha’s also just in case .. please advise because i really dont know what to do and im not even sure how to begin JazakALLAH

1 thought on “Permissibility of combining Qadha and Shawwaal fasts?”

  1. One cannot combine Qadha and Nafl. If a person made Qadha Niyat (intention) only in Shawwal the Qadha is valid. If made both then Qadha valid.