Permissibility of a husband divulging information to his parents

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As salamu alaikum
I’ve been married for just over 8 months and about a month ago, my husband and I had a disagreement which he blew out of proportion. At this point in time he is manipulating the little petty issues we had over the last 8 months and making them seem as if they are major problems, when at that point in time when it happened, he was very understanding and we had resolved them then
He is also divulging our intimate issues to his parents…Is this permissible even if his parents asked about it
I feel like its an invasion of my privacy, and that should have been only between my husband and i and no one else
About 3 weeks ago when this whole scenario occurred, my husband said he wanted some “space” and he brought me back to my parents home saying he’ll come back in 2 weeks to fetch me. Its going on 3 weeks now and i havent heard from him nor does he reply to my text messages. This is the Ramadaan month and he didnt even make an effort to try and reconcile our marriage.
I consider this a form of abandonment, and as a husband does he have a right to do this and not be in contact at all, until he is “ready”?

Also, now he claims that he felt pressured into getting married to me, but at that time he claimed to be in love with me. I resigned from a good job so that i could marry him and move to the province he lives in. I havent found another job since then.
Is there anything that i could do legally, so that i can be re-imbursed for the last 8 months that i wasted being married to someone who married me under false pretenses? We have only made nikah and the marriage is not registered in court.

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Asked on September 18, 2010 12:00 am
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Call a party from your side and a party from his side, those who were the Wakeel, witness in the Nikah and those who signed the Nikah certificate to hear the case and resolve the matter
Currently your husband is not behaving properly in fact he is behaving un-Islaamically.
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Answered on September 18, 2010 12:00 am