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Salaam Mufti,
Im a bit embarassed to ask you these questions but I need to. They are
adult natured questions.
I am going to marry soon and I need to know if the following is
allowed. Please say whether permissible or haram.
A) oral sex for a man to his wife
B) oral stimulation of breast? What happens if milk is swallowed?
C) fingering the wife (during periods/out of period)
D) oral sex for woman to husband (with or without condom)
E) regular intercourse with condom for contraception
F) mutual masturbation
G) is it Makruh to look at partners genitals? One book says if parents
do so then child will be born blind.
H) if wife has periods is it ok to masturbate?
I) if intercourse takes place without ejaculation is ghusel still obligatory?
J) is it ok to sleep nude covered by sheet/blanket etc?

Im so sorry if this is offensive or if you feel too shy to answer
these questions. I am so shy and embarassed, but I need to ask these
questions and I dont know who else or how else to ask.
Thank you for your time. Shukran.

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Asked on June 16, 2009 12:00 am
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a.) Permissible - makrooh detested

b.)Permissible - makrooh does not break marraige

c.)out - ok

d.)as (a)

e.)no - without valid reason


g.)ok - book not authentic




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Answered on June 16, 2009 12:00 am