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Salaam Mufti sb
My husband is an OCD patient diagnosed by a qualified psychiatrist He is on treatment for two months. He gets lot of weird Thoughts and waswasas due to his illness. One week back, I and my kids were making noise in our room. My husband was sleeping in next room. He became upset and asked me in urdu :
Agar shor karna hey tou tum loug neechey chaley jao ( we were upstairs ). . . . . . .
Next day he told me that when he was saying middle of sentence TUM LOUG, a thought of divorce just came into his mind from nowhere like a flash. He is very anxious and worried about it. He has recently read that divorce can occur with intention as well using kinaya words. He is confused that it was just a thought or real intention. He told me that he never intended divorce but thought came into his mind.
He told me that he gets lot of divorce Thoughts and waswasas while even saying salaam or hello to me or talking anything about family or kids. He also told me that sometimes he tells himself in his mind that there is no intention of divorce before taking to me. Sometimes he does not speak to me just because of these thoughts and waswasas.
Mufti sb I have read your fatwa Question ID 17440 answered by you in September 23 2015 in which you have explained the difference between intention and waswasa. My husband has also read it but still he has these waswasas going on. He told me that since the time he has read divorce fatwas, he gets the these thoughts or waswasas while talking anything to me. There was no discussion of divorce at that time and he addressed TUM LOG meaning myself and kids rather than myself alone which indicates that he did not have any intention of divorce at that time.
Please reply.
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Asked on December 4, 2017 12:14 am
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In the above case, no divorce has taken place.

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Answered on January 13, 2018 7:56 pm