OCD and Waswasa

Aslm Mufti saheb.
I suffer from severe OCD as well as continious Waswasa to the extend that i am continoiusly talking to myself and recitying my kalamas.
the thoughts that go in my head are those regarding my imaan as well as the validity of my nikah.
1)Many years ago i was having severe marriage problems, but i am quite confident that i did not give my wife any talaaq.
these thoughts constantly come in head that i did and i start doubting my nikah. this has being happening for about 5 -7 years. Also whenever i am doing anything the thought comes in my mind ‘ If i do this or dont do this my nikah is invalid”
Whoever i try to dospel these thoughts by telling myself whether i do a specif action or not my nikah is Intact. At times it is possible that instead of saying VALID i am saying INVALID
What is the status of my nikah?
2) with regard to my imaan all funny thoughts come in my head regarding Allah Swt and Nabi (SAW), thisis where the talking to myself comes in. Whenever these thoughts come into my mind i talk to myself and convince myself that whatever i am thinking is the opposite. at times i maybe it may slip out from my mouth the funny thoughts thats comes in mind?
What is the status of my Imaan?
For many years now i am making Duaa to Allah Swt for guidance, that Allah swt must guide me in my Nikah. That if me and my wife are still in Nikah we must live happy and according to the Sunnah and if for any reason we not in Nikah she must leave, and we must not live in sin.
Many a times after making sincere duaa i notice there is happiness in the home.
Kindky advice

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