Not fulfilling an agreement

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Dear Mufti Saheb,

My sister and brother was going through some difficult times and lost everything. Unable for them to obtain finance, last year I assisted them to finance a car through FNB Islamic Finance. The car was purchased on my name and the debit order is paid from my account. In turn my brother in law deposits the monies to this same account. His first few payments came on time and the last was short. Subsequently he has left his job and from what i’ve been told he is doing odds and sorts. I believe the payments for June will not be honored.
I too have financial obligations and cannot afford to come short every month. I do not know what to do.


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Asked on May 26, 2016 3:52 pm
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Help your brother in law with Zakaat.

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Answered on June 7, 2016 1:00 pm