Non-specific Non-metaphorical Action And Divorce

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I have recently asked a detailed question about my ocd, waswasas and fear of divorce. This is a followup question.
If someone forms a thought about divorcing his wife, not because he intended to but because the intention was just to form the thought because of obsessive compulsion and he makes a gesture such as nodding his head to answer an unrelated question or rotating or raising his index finger (like while saying shada in prayer) absent mindedly while having these thoughts, would that count as a divorce?

My understanding is that it would not even if intent was there because the thought is still in the mind and expressions and gestures used are not metaphors for divorce at all and no words whatsoever were spoken.

Is my understanding correct? Would a divorce have occurred in such scenarios?

Also, these thoughts and doubts about divorce are making me insane. What should I do?

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Asked on September 24, 2015 10:03 pm
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No divorce takes place. Link yourself with a pious practical Aalim who may aid you in addressing your problem. Also seek good proper medical treatment.

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Answered on October 1, 2015 6:01 pm