Nikah Istikhara

Aasalam Waleikum Bro..
I need ur help ..I performed Nikha Isthikhara .
1st day Dream about my job promotion..IT was realted to my job.Like workers was coming with me promotion ..n later I got some god promotion..But after tht in tht DREAM me and my mom was waiting to meet a collector or any important person ..but they was not allowing me inside to my white shirt was tortured to them had many holes in my white shirt the gateman of that collector or important person (didn’t remembered that much who was that person) but not allowed me to get inside ..then it was about my job meeting…thereafter..
pls help me out Bro I just need whether to whom I love will be with each other ..
Jazzak Allah Khair

1 thought on “Nikah Istikhara”

  1. Firstly you must learn to HOW to address your elders!
    Do not write in ‘slang’. Write with respect.
    Istikhaara is negative.