Dream of losing voice; Islamic book on health; Elderly man brushing against your body

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Asa Mufti
1) I dreamt that my mum and i were leaving the haram either in mecca or medina and my mum was being stubborn, she wanted to go her own way back to the hotel. It was dark at night. I called to my mum to stop as she was moving fast and far ahead of me. My voice was not lound and soon i kept asking her to stop but my voice was gone. I saw my dad parking a car and going to a masjid. I asked him to call her to stop. She had already stopped and when i reached her she was helping some people we know packing boxes.
2) My mom came into the kitchen with some new islamic books which had been donated and placed them on the table. They were free for ppl to take. I picked an islamic book on health and a relative picked up two books to take with her. In reality This relative is extremely jealous of our family and looks the other way when she sees us. In the dream I tried to tell her that her actions have shown how much she hates us but i didn’t seembto get to do this and the dream ended.
3) i was walking with a group of people from the haram in makkah back to the hotel. An elderly man with a beard and white kurta and holding a Tasbeeh happened to brush against part of my body whilst we were walking so i moved away to the other side in front of the group. The look on the mans face from his eyes was like he was in another world.

Please explain the meaning of these dreams. Sister

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Asked on February 27, 2017 6:26 pm
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Mum moving away from Sunnat, but will change and aid others.

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Answered on March 12, 2017 10:34 am