Making namaaz with tayyamum

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Assalamu alaikum, Respected Mufti Sahab, 1)I was once in a scenario. I went to the masjid for my Asar prayer with jamat. One reaching there I found that that there is no supply of water in the masjid as the tank is empty and motor was not put on in time so there was no water to make wuzu for any one. Other people were also in the same condition. However others may have made wuzu from home or office and came to masjid. So they joined the jamat as it was just five minuter left. Outside the masjid was hotel, shops, etc but one just cannot enter to others place and make wuzu. So I went to the top floor of the masjid and made tayyamum on the ground as it had some dust on the floor and came back to the ground floor where the jamat was taking place. So I joined the jamat and completed my namaz.After wards I came back to my place made a fresh wuzu with water and again repeated the farz namaz of Asar alone. So I want to ask was my 1st namaz with jamat was valid or not. Also if others did the same thing i.e. tayyamum to catch the jamat would there namaz be valid?

2.) If I had wet dream and there was water in the house in the bathroom but due to cold weather or shame (that if I have a bath at night people in the house or neighbours will come to know) can I make tayyamum and say my fajir prayers and then in the morning can wake up and have a gusul and repeat my fajir namaz. Will it be valid.
3) More over once I got up late and it was just may be ten minutes for fajir time to end and by the time I will make wuzu with water I fear will miss my namaz and the time will end so I made tayyamum and said my fajir prayers and afterwards at 8 am or 9 am I repeated my fajir salat. So was my previous namaz valid and can I do like this when short of time.
Jazzak Allah!

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Asked on October 26, 2017 4:02 pm
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1) What you did was correct. 1st performance not valid.
2) No.
3) No, make proper Ghusl then Fajr even if becomes Qadha.

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Answered on November 24, 2017 10:38 pm