Mother constantly nagging and being nasty

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My dad cheated on my mum if I talk to my dad my mum is always catty and nasty to me if I’m rude to my dad she’s ok then few days later same carry and really nasty i decided I’m going to be good to both regardless however my dad is it’s easier to b nice to him most the time my mum is constantly nagging being nasty catty I could use other words but now I’m at s point she’s pushing me too far that I’m getting angry at god I get angry at her anyway but now I’m angry at God and complaining to him
I’m like the perfect child she’s ruining my iman!!! Because she’s unstable so what that means she can mess me over I’ve had enough constant nagging bringing the past smashing things in my face blaming me for her and everyone’s mistakes I’m human not a saint. I have a limit I don’t want to be gunaghaar this is always weighing over me she makes it hard very very very hard to b good to her
I’m desperate for a solution I feel like I’m in a pressure cooker a hard place and a rock she’s ruined a lot for me out of stupidity but I can’t blame her as a conciliatory Muslim I take responsibility but enough I feel even ashamed to moan about this but I don’t share this things with anyone need direction

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Asked on July 27, 2016 12:43 am
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You must exercise Sabr.
Just hear. Do not take to heart.
Be calm and do not let words upset you.
Be relaxed and quietly leave the area when the nagging is on.
Avoid confrontation.

Make lots of duaa.

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Answered on August 1, 2016 2:43 pm