Dreaming of ustaadh, new car and father

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Assalamu Alaikum

My dream started off with me in a madrasa classroom and my senior ustaadh of the aalima class I attend was sitting amongst the class and not behind the purdah screen as normal. My niqaab was also not on. He was smiling and friendly and was giving some advice on responding to someone screaming. He said a wise person once heard a child screaming and counting and when the child stopped counting, the wise person asked him to go on. When the child didn’t know how to count further then the wise person offered to count and began screaming and counting. I was looking in and listening and thinking that when people scream and talk then don’t worry to reason with them. Make light of the situation is wisdom.

In this I also saw the new car we are purchasing. I was also replaying or imagining a scenario in my mind whilst sitting in my madrasa class about a scary storm which my children and I sat out in the new car, frightened but safe.

After this I saw me standing at the door of a house, my aunt was living there. I was talking to her and my father at the doorway. She said she and he daughter in law were somewhat unconscious for few moments of the storm, lying on the road. My father was complaining about my mother’s overweight problem as he often does. I was trying to reason with him that he needs to stop saying it to my mother as it hurts her feelings and if he just goes across the road my ustaads house is there. I pointed to it and told him even my ustaad will tell him not to offend my mother. (My father takes advice from my ustaad). I told him he’s best solution was to make duaa for my mother and he must look how ALLAH put my aunty to sleep for few moments of the storm as if jus tapped her and shushed her for the duration of the storm.

What is the interpretation with regards to my ustaad, the new car and my father?

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Asked on April 27, 2016 11:01 pm
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Will experience a calamity causing distress.

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Answered on May 16, 2016 8:57 pm