Mother inlaws interferance

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Slm. Please can you give me the ruling regarding having to live with my mother in law.

I’ve been married for just over a year but have been separated from my husband for a few months due to my mother in laws interference. Sadly, my husband is an only child so his mother does depend on him. I have also been told that she cannot live alone as she and her son are extremely close and she cannot live without him. She is also quite a sickly person. But she causes problems between us and when i try and talk to my husband about it he would rather blame me than lay any blame on his mother.

My husband does want me to come back home but still insists that i live with his mum and that i try and get along with her and communicate with her. That for me is an impossible task as his mother is an extremely difficult person. I cannot even have a normal conversation with her. She is very rude and abrupt. Also, she seems to have this mindset that everything in the house must be done her way.

Also, she does not like my husband doing anything for me. We cant even go out alone as she gets angry. She expects us to take her everywhere. It seems like his mum wants to control my husbands every move, therefore resulting in her controlling my every move, as i have been told time and time and again that I am to listen to my husband. She is verbally abusive to me and my husband. She basically talks without thinking.
This has caused a great deal of strain in our relationship as my husband and i fight all the time. I even sometimes say nasty things to him and vice versa which we dont mean. We do love each other and definately dont want to get divorced, which is why i am hoping you can give us some solution to our problem.

I did seek help from her family but unfortunately she told them to not interfere with her problems and to butt out.


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Asked on January 13, 2009 12:00 am
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Call two responsible persons from your side and tell your husband to do the same. Let them hear your grievances. Solution is having a separate house. Him respecting and serving his mother, whilst fullfilling your rights.
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Answered on January 13, 2009 12:00 am