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Dear Mufti

I will be brief..My husband has left me and our 2 sons – 2yrs old and 6 months old due to his mothers interference.

we have not heard from him in 3 months.

are we still in nikaah?

he has not seen to my welfare or supported me during this 6 months.he has given R1000 every month for the kids. i do not have any parents and have been living with my sister , brother in law and their 3 daughters. its a small house and me and my kids have basically taken over their home. i feel like a burden to them. shukr, i have found a job now, but earn very little.. i have moved out into a little flat.i earn R5000.00. from that R2800 is for rent.the balance i need to survive on -nappies, formula, groceries, clothes for kids,day care etc etc…i am asthmatic, and the asthma pump monthly is R450.00.

he pays R1200 for a son in marriage number 2 and R1000 for another son in marriage number 3. he has 3 x wives due to the same issues.-his mother.

we have 2 sons.

what is the shariah ruling regarding my maintenance and the kids maintenance as well??


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Asked on April 8, 2009 12:00 am
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He had to maintain you and the children

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Answered on April 8, 2009 12:00 am