Miracles of Rasulullah (SAW)

Asalamu alaikum warahmatullah.

The following broadcast message is getting shared widely via social media. I have not heard of certain points  mentioned below previously. Can you please advise based on your knowledge if this information is authentic, or which points may noy be correct/ unknown at this stage.

I am aware it is difficult as it requires  alot of research and difference of opinions. Apologies for the inconvenience

It will really be appreciated. JazakAllah

Article: below


1. Do you know that Flies, insects, ants and mosquitoes never stood on his body?

2 Do you know that Muhammad ‎ﷺ did not “yawn”?

3. Do you know that both Domestic and wild Animals were not angry with Muhammad ‎ﷺ:

4. Do you know that even if he slept, he could hear any conversation? ‎ﷺ:

5. Do you know that Muhammad‎ﷺ: could see everything both “front” and “back” at the same time without turning? ‎ﷺ:

6. Do you know that The “Earth” covered his urine and stool immediately as he passed them out?‎ﷺ:

7. Do you know that Nabie ‎ﷺ: was always “one foot taller” than any body who stood near him? ‎ﷺ:

8. Do you know that   Muhammad‎ﷺ was Circumcised, washed and cleaned in his Mother’s womb before being born to this world? ‎ﷺ:

9.Do you know that Nabie ‎ﷺ: had no “Shadow” even in the Sun, Moon or Light? ‎ﷺ:

10. The chest of Muhammad‎ﷺ: was opened twice during his life
5 yr : Satanic part was taken out
When He ‎ﷺ was to go on the Heavenly journey of Mi’raj (knowledge & wisdom were put into His Heart & the chest was washed with Zam Zam)

1 thought on “Miracles of Rasulullah (SAW)”

  1. 1) Ok.
    2) Ok.
    3) Ok.
    4) Ok.
    5) Not all the time.
    6) Ok.
    7) Subjective.
    8) Ok.
    9) Academic discussion on this.
    10) Use of the word ‘Satanic’ is wrong.