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Slmz Mufti. What is the meaning of Zunairah and is it a good name for a girl? Please suggest other good names for girls too. Jazakallah.

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Asked on June 28, 2014 6:31 pm
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Zunairah = Flower; Humairah = Rosy complexion; (Nickname of Nabi (S.A.W) for the prophet)Zunairais a variant of?ZinnairaandZinneera,a Sahabiyya name
This one is good.

See below:

Akhdar (green color)
Ahwas (stable, firm)
Akhnas (lion)
Adraa (second half of the month, person who wears armor)
Arqam (pencil)
Azraq (the color blue)
Asfaa (eagle, dark maroon color)
Asqaa (raven, faraway from enemies and wicked people)
Aswad (the color black)
Baraa (healed, innocent and blameless)
Harith (cultivator)
Hasan and Husain (handsome, good)
Zubair (wise, intelligent, strong)
Abbas (lion)
Alaa (highness, greatness)
Qasim (giver, handsome)
Mughira (fighter)
Miqdad (halver, cutter, a fighter)
Miqdam (brave)
Nabigha (genius)
Nouman (blood)
Wazi (high status officer in the army)
Yamaan (means from Yemen)
Abaan (clarity)
Abu Darda
Abu Ayyub
Abu Bakr
Abu Zar
Abu Obaida
Abu Musa
Ubai (little father)
Ahmar (red)
Asad (lion)
Ibrahim (prophet)
Ishak (prophet)
Ismael (prophet)
Thabit (firm)
Jafar (river)
Habeeb (beloved)
Zuhair (flower that has recently blossomed)
Zayd (growth, increase, prosperity)
Saalim (flawless)
Saad (happiness)
Sufyan (fast-moving, fast-flying)
Suhail (easy-going, smooth, socially smart)
Sakhr and Safwaan (rock)
Aamer (long-living)
Abdul Rahman or Abdurrahman (servant of the Most Gracious, i.e. servant of Allah)
Abdullah (servant of Allah)
Uthman (snake)
Aqeel (intelligent)
Ukhasha (spider)
Ali (high, sublime)
Ammaar (long-living)
Amr (life)
Ikrimah (dove)
Furat (water, the Euphrates river)
Firas and Farraas (hunter, lion)
Kaab (noble, high)
Mudrik (wise, understanding)
Muadh (refuge, place of safety)
Wael (refuge)
Wahb (generosity)
Yahya (name of a prophet)
Yazeed (increase)
Yasaar (ease, victory)
Yaqoub (name of a prophet)
Yunus (prophets name)
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Answered on June 28, 2014 6:31 pm