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1.Meaning of name Zidane
2.Is it a good name to keep?
3.Other recommended names for boys

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Asked on June 23, 2016 12:51 pm
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Zidan or Zaydan (which are one and the same name) is a Quranic name for boys that means increase, growth and progress. It is a synonym of Zaid, also a Quranic name. Zidan is not directly mentioned in the Quran but its root is Z-Y-D which is used a lot in the Quran.

Grammtically, Zaydan is the standard name, and it is the muthanna (two count plural) of Zaid, i.e. it means “two Zaids“, twice as much increase and growth as Zaid. The Zidan pronunciation is more commonly used among people, though it is not standard. There are no issues with using either pronunciation.

Alternate spelling: ‘Zidaane, zeeidan, zeydaane’

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Some Sahabah names below.

Zuhair (flower that has recently blossomed)
Zayd (growth, increase, prosperity)
Muadh (refuge, place of safety)
asaar (ease, victory)
Yaqoub (name of a prophet)
Yunus (prophet’s name)
Aamer (long-living)
Abdul Rahman or Abdurrahman (servant of the Most Gracious, i.e. servant of Allah)
Abdullah (servant of Allah)
Uthman (snake)
Aqeel (intelligent)

Saeed bin Zayd (happy)
Salman al-Farsi (free from fault, safe)
Suhail bin Amr (ease)
Suhaib ar-Roomi (one whose hair color tends toward red or brown)
Talha bin Ubaidullah (shade tree, any tree that provides shade)
Ubad bin Bashr (worshiper of Allah)
Ubadah bin as-Saamit (worshiper of Allah)
Abdurrahmaan bin Awf (servant of Allah)
Abdullah bin az-Zubayr (servant of Allah)
Zayd bin Thabit (increase, prosperity)
Zayd bin Haritha

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Answered on June 27, 2016 6:14 pm