Massallah pertaining to Kufr

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1. Regretfully I masturbated today. At the time I had conflicting thoughts in my mind. One was, this is good even though its wrong and the other was me consciously trying to make myself think, although I am doing this, I must acknowledge its wrong as its kufr not to. I didn’t succeed and hence the first thought prevailed and I continued masturbating. I thought sexually about my wife, her body etc and what sexual things I would say to her regarding what I enjoued during sex. Now I am worried. Would this be kufr?
2. Yesterday I went in the shower at my parents. It took me approximately half an hour to adjust the water temperature as it was either too hot or too cold. I became so angry that I said “f****** hell, I got a problem of OCD as it is so why don’t you sort the f****** boiler out.” My best recollection is that this statement was made in frustration at my parents but a part of it may have been directed to Allah, i.e. Thinking why is he testing me like this when I am trying so hard. Would this be kufr?
3. Subsequently I thought I don’t want to read Salah as I am mentally exhausted and I am not 100% sure that I am clean. Nevertheless I went for Salah as I knew I couldn’t refuse when my dad said so. Would this be kufr?
4. After my shower Zohar time was almost finished and hence I thought I am not going to read. I then heard my father coming up the stairs and made an intention to read. Once I started, my intention changed to the thought that once my father is gone by, I will break my Salah. Once he passed by, I nevertheless continued. I can’t recall whether reading of the salah was a pretence or not and I don’t know whether I was reading when the time of Asar had set in. Would this be kufr?

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Asked on July 26, 2011 10:39 pm
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1) It is not Kufr. However you must regard sin as sin.
2) No but gross stupidity. Avoid.
No you should join good company

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Answered on July 26, 2011 10:39 pm