Massallah pertaining to Hajj

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1)Insha-Allah I will be going for haj this year. As a lady, is it better to perform salaah in my hotel room or in the harams
2)What if i am in the haram at the time of salah, do i perform it on my own or in jamah?
3)What books should I read in preparation for haj?
4)What is the reward for a lady who experiences haidh during the 5 days of haj?
5)Is it advisable to take pills to delay the menses so as not to experience haidh during the 5 days of haj?

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Asked on July 1, 2010 12:00 am
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1) If no or little crowds then in the Masjid, otherwise in the room.
2) In Jamah
3) Our translation of Kitaabul Hajj.
See site - enough material on Hajj.
4) More than a normal Hajji.
5) Permissible if flights not available to accomodate dates.

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