Masalah on giving inheritance to sons who will use the money in a sinful way

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. A father left inheritance in the control of the daughter because sons are not capable of handling finances
. One son is perpetually at Sibaya Casino, he is drinking and abusing his mother, swearing her etc. The other son is not so bad but he is now under medication for a mental disorder
. What is the Sharia ruling on when to give them their shares ?
We are asking this question as a student of Deen said we should check with a Mufti on this matter as the idea of squandering wealth in sinful deeds is not acceptable and in light of some verses of Sura Nisaa pertaining to an orphans inheritance in respect of given the orphan their inheritance after verifying they are capable of handling the inheritance. Hence could the Mufti Saheb please assist in this dilemma. The daughter is ready at the command of Allah to give the inheritance but she also does not want to break another command of Allah in terms of giving the inheritance knowing that the probability is very high that it will end up in Sibiya casino or alcohol
. Jazakallah

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Asked on October 13, 2014 2:46 pm
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Create a Guardian Fund. Refer to a pious Muslim attorney. Money will be released as and when per need and requirement. All the money should not be given to the sons once off.

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Answered on October 13, 2014 2:46 pm