False oath of conditional divorce

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Dear Mufti saheb,

kindly disregard my previous question and answer this one.

i am a married man and i have been married for the last one year. i have consummated the marriage.me and my wife have been fighting and arguing almost everyday since our marriage. i was in a relationship prior to getting married with a girl. after the marriage, i got to know that my wife also knew this girl. my wife always suspected that i had a past relationship with this girl so she asked me one day if i had any relationship with this girl prior to getting married. in order to avoid the fight, i denied it completely.just to remove her doubt completely, i created a false story that i was in a relationship with a girl in my university whom i named “zara” which never even existed in my circle.she believed it eventually and asked me if had sex with her during that time. i replied with a no but she wasn’t ready to believe so eventually i was forced to agree with her even though the reality is this girl never even existed.after a few days she asked me whether i have had sex with any other girl except zara and her, i replied with a no and again she didn’t believe so she forced me to utter an oath of conditional divorce. i knew that if didn’t utter the oath i will be beaten by her as i have been beaten in the past and hence despite of not having any intention, i was forced to say this to her “apart from zara and you, if i have had sex with any other girl, then you are divorced once”.

the reality is i haven’t had sex with any girl except my wife and this girl whom i named zara never even existed,thats why i excluded them from the condition with the word “apart” trasnslated as “ilawa” in urdu. kindly issue a fatwa if any divorce has taken place with this statement as i never intended any conditional divorce.to be on the safe side, i have already taken her back with an oath.

jazakALLAH khair.

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Asked on December 9, 2015 10:59 am
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No divorce has occurred.

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Answered on December 21, 2015 11:00 am