Dua to ward off the evil eye, jealousy and enmity

Assalamu alaikum, Respected Mufti Sahab, I want to know if there is any dua to ward off evil eye, jealousy, and enmity. I work in a school and there are people who are my enemy and are jealous of me. My colleague being a female is always trying to belittle me in front of Principal and Trustees. No matter how hard I work and try to do my work with honesty and sincerity, I get no credit. The work I do is not known to trustees as they are busy in there other business and work outside and so my work is not known to them. And taking this advantage that no trustees are present to see my hard work she poisons the ears of trustees and principal against me. Most of the work of her and others is done my me and at the end she tells the trustees that the work is done and takes the credit. The principal and trustees also believes her as she is a lady and talks sweet but they do not know the inside story of hers and the plan behind the sweet and tall talks. Sometime I get angry and frustrated and in that situation I tell absurd things which once offended the Principal , and then this was again the golden opportunity for her to coax and poison the principal about me. She also manipulated the darwans and buas (lady workers who does mopping etc). I knew this and when I told the principal about this she instead of believing me just did the opposite and thinks that I am the one who is manipulating the buas and darwans etc. She does not do her work properly and makes mistakes etc and she is taking the Trustees and the Principal on a ride. She fears that her job will be at stake because of me as I point out her weakness and so now she wants me to get chucked out, so that she can be bossy over everyone else but in reality not capable of it and has no knowledge and experience of administrator or any other post Is there any dua that I can recite and make my enemy helpless and can be safe. How can I keep my job safe Though I read Manzil nearly daily. Please help.

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