Reading the dua but still not finding a suitable pious spouse

Assalamu alaikum, Respected Mufti Sahab, I hope you are well by the Grace of Allah Subhanahu T’wala. I have also written earlier relating to marrige.
I have started reading a formula from your booklet ‘Tried and tested method of getting pious spouse”. I have been reading now for about 2 months but till now no such proposal of my liking has come yet. I am a male of 34 yrs and want to marry soon. I am giving you reference to the previous question asked relating to marriage. The question ID is 27231 and 27230 and the date is 18th Oct 2016. Its been now 4 months since I am reading it but I have still not found any good match nor proposal. For how many more months do I have to read. As nothing was written in the below the formula which I had chosen to read. The formula which I have chosen is “ Rabbana Hablana Min Azwajina Wa Zurriyatina……………………..till Moqama (verse 76)..” From Surah Furqan [25:74]
I read it every night before sleeping for the past 4 months now. My mother is saying that you are reading this for so many days but nothing is happening . So now I am getting a little despondent. Please help me and suggest me someting.
Jazzak Allah!

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