Marriage and Purdah

Assslamu alaikum Respected Mufti Sahab, Sir I have read the booklet written by you or translated by you”Gift to the groom”. Firstly I must appreciate that is it a very good and useful book made so easy for the readers to understand and act upon. May Allah give us the ability to understand and act according to shariat.
Sir I want to know under the heading “Request to the groom (Respect for Parents)” it is written that there will be benefit in living together in a joint family if all co-oprate. Here I want to ask that if one is living in joint family then if two brothers are married and their wives living in the same house together how can one make a purdah from each other it becomes very difficult at times. Like during the time of eating together or when some guests come the we all come together and sit and have snacks and tea and talk then the purdah is not observed and if observed by one it might be that others are not observing it. So it becomes very difficult at times to follow shaiat and also family ties simultaneously.
How should this be done when living in joint family. The younger brother who is not married and also lives in the same house as there is not enough money to buy a separate house so in this came and there is only two rooms then how can one observe purdah and how long can one carry on and how many times. Really it becomes very difficult in real life. People say and give their opinion and different people give different opinion but to whom this scenario is happening in real life only he or she understands. But then also how can one not break the laws of shariat and also live in purdah. If you could give your thought on this It would be of very much heed and need.

Jazzak Allah!

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  1. Allaah reward you for your concern.
    If one can afford then separate houses are best for many reasons.
    Live together, then have two eating times, all males (with male guests) then all females (guests included) next – (or visa versa).
    The un-married man must be taught how to behave within the frameworks of the laws of ‘purdah’.
    If by mistake the law breaks, Insha Allaah we will be forgiven.