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last summer before we wanted to go on holiday,
a woman of my family said that the son of her sister still wants to marry me,
he came years ago but i was too young for marriage but i was a bit angry because my mum asked me in a funny way,and i didn’t reply to her,
and now that woman said that he still wants to marry me my mum said no she doesn’t go to that place and i also didn’t reply…what I hear is that he is a good Muslim he works and studied…
i am at home with my parents I do everything for them Alhamdolilah,but what about me?
i know if it is written by Allah i will marry or not but i want to know if i should say it to my brother? but i am scared because i don’t want to hurt
anybody but i can not stay like this because i do everything for others but i hurt myself with the memory that somebody wants to marry me but because he lives 3 hours from my parents home i can not marry him?
I became weak after the holidays because there was someone who wanted to get married but I would then i have to work because he has no papers and i don’t want to work for someone that I should not but may mum hoped that I married him because he is of the family and they are very good people they don’t even know them just that they are people that like to chow themselves with cares and gold ,wa Allaho alam but thats what my daddy and i know but my mum still hoped even though she knows he had a relationship…she said never mind thats the past…
but i don’t do so, why should I marry someone like him
. What should I do i don’t feel good about all these things?
barakAllahofiek for your help..

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Asked on February 4, 2009 12:00 am
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Make consultation with your family members. Explain pros and cons. This is the best method in order to come to a good decision.

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Answered on February 4, 2009 12:00 am