Making Taqleed of a single Aalim and attending a QnA program of another

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Hadhrat Mufti Sahib, please advise regarding QnA programs.

This layperson thinks that one should have a single senior, pious, and reliable Aalim that all fatwa questions should be posed to. Hence, in this manner, one does not go “fatwa shopping” when one Aalim says one thing and another says something else.

What this jaahil feels about QnA programs is that all and sundry are posing questions, and it is not necessarily the case that all present are making Taqleed of the Aalim Sahib conducting the QnA.

However, this jaahil does feel that perhaps these QnA programs are for the masses for who have very little knowledge of even Waajib Ilm, like performing Namaaz and purdah issues. And perhaps those Muslims who perform only Jummuah Salaah and no other Namaaz. There are also those outwardly pious making taqleed of deviants and liberals. So perhaps QnA sessions are directed towards this class. I do not know.

(1) Therefore, should it be the case that only those making Taqleed of the Aalim Sahib and those ignorant of Waajib Ilm attend the public QnA programs? Hence, those who are making taqleed of senior, pious, and accepted Ulema-e-Haq rather not attend the QnA of another Aalim?

(2) Please consider the following:

Zaid makes Taqleed of Mufti Abu Bakr.

Zaid attends a QnA program of Mufti Yunus but does not ask any questions. However, he notes down the questions asked where he does not know the opinion of Mufti Abu Bakr.

So in the QnA of Mufti Yunus, someone asks regarding the use of interest money for paying traffic fines. Zaid does not know the view of Mufti Abu Bakr in this. He thus notes it down and asks it to Mufti Abu Bakr later on.

Can this be done?

Hadhrat Mufti Sahib, kindly correct my understanding. My question is very disrespectful. Please forgive me.

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Asked on December 13, 2015 11:09 pm
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1) It is permissible to attend the Q&A of an Aalim/Mufti who has Ilm, Taqwa and is reliable.
If you differ, refer to your Alim of choice for clarification.
2) Yes.

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Answered on December 24, 2015 3:02 pm